With Romney VP pick made, new speculation for McDonnell’s future

Lest the speculation over Gov. Bob McDonnell’s political future cease now that presumed GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney has picked a running mate, McDonnell was asked this morning about another federal post: U. S. attorney general.

During an interview with McDonnell on Monday morning on The John Fredericks Show, the host said he has talked to “several high-placed people” in the Romney campaign who said Romney, if elected president, is “most likely” going to offer the gig to McDonnell.

McDonnell, who served as attorney general of Virginia before being elected governor in 2009, laughed before saying, “For the next 90 days I don’t think anybody’s seriously talking about anything other than how do we … win this election. How do we capture the hearts and minds of the independent voters.

“That’s all just rampant speculation,” McDonnell said. “And at this point I’d say I’ve got a great job here in Virginia with big ideas for the next session and I’m going to focus on that. So we’ll talk about all that November, December.”

McDonnell is a top Romney supporter and was often mentioned as a possible vice presidential pick. The night before Romney announced Rep. Paul Ryan, of Wisconsin, as his running mate,  he called McDonnell to inform him of his decision.

Asked for comment after Monday’s radio show, McDonnell spokesman Tucker Martin said “The governor loves his job and he’s looking forward to the next 16 months in office.

“Right now he’s busy putting together his legislative package for the upcoming General Assembly session. That’s his focus.”

January will mark the governor’s last full legislative session, as Virginia governors cannot serve consecutive terms.