Obama campaign releases TV ad, “Pay the Bills”

President Barack Obama’s campaign has released a new women-focused TV ad to air here and in other key states.

The spot starts with a woman named Christie saying “I do the laundry, I pay the bills, I make sure my kids are fed and rested and healthy.”

A female narrator follows with: “Moms like Christie would be stretched even more under Mitt Romney. To fund his tax cuts for millionaires, Romney could take away middle class deductions for child care, home mortgages and college tuition.”

The ad ends with Christie saying “Mitt Romney, he’s so focused on big business and tax cuts for the wealthy, it’s seems like his answers to middle-class America are just tough … tough luck.”

The 30-second spot called “Pay the Bills” will air here and in Colorado, Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada and Ohio, according to the campaign.

The Obama campaign ad comes in the same week that Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney’s campaign released a TV ad here and in other key states seeking to gain ground among women voters.

UPDATED: Allie Brandenburger, a Romney campaign spokeswoman, responded to the Obama campaign ad: “President Obama is the only candidate in this race who will raise taxes on small businesses and middle-class families, so he is trying to distract from his record of failure and disappointment. America can do better than high unemployment, falling incomes, and runaway spending. Unlike President Obama, Mitt Romney has a specific plan for a stronger middle class that will lower tax rates across the board, champion small business, cut spending, and get our economy back on the right track.”