Coal industry the focus of new Romney ads in Va.

On the heels of yesterday’s announcement from Virginia coal giant Alpha Natural Resources that it plans to close eight mines, including three in Virginia, Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney is pouncing on President Barack Obama with two new ads in the state.

The first ad, titled “War on Coal,” opens with soot-covered coal workers, one of whom declares: “Obama’s ruining the coal industry.”

Another man says, “they’re wanting to close these mines down. I got little ones at home — a wife that’s needing me.”

The ad cuts to Romney speaking to coal workers.

“We have 250 years of coal. Why wouldn’t we use it?” he says. “Utility bills are up. People wonder how they’re going to have a brighter future, if they can’t see how they can make it to the end of the next month.”

In a similar ad, “Way of Life,” the focus is on a single worker’s story.

“My family’s worked in the coal industry for over sixty years,” he says. “This is the way of life we know. Policies that the current administration’s got is attacking my livelihood.”

The man says that “Obama said he was going to bankrupt any new power plants that opened up that’s coal-fired and he’s keeping his promise.”

He adds: “I got two young grandsons. I’m scared for their future, let alone mine. I support Mitt Romney.”