Obama campaign releases TV ad on “economic patriotism”

President Barack Obama’s campaign has released a new 2-minute TV ad, during which the president speaks directly to the camera and says it’s time for “a new economic patriotism.”

The spot opens with Obama telling viewers that the last weeks of the campaign will bring debates, speeches and more ads, “But if I could sit down with you, in your living room or around the kitchen table here’s what I’d say.”

“When I took office, we were losing nearly eight hundred thousand jobs a month, and were mired in Iraq,” he says. “Today, I believe that as a nation we are moving forward again. But we have much more to do to get folks back to work and make the middle class secure again.”

He says Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney “believes that with even bigger tax cuts for the wealthy, and fewer regulations on Wall Street, all of us will prosper. In other words, he’d double down on the same trickle down policies that led to the crisis in the first place.”

Obama, who is locked in a close race with Romney in Virginia, goes on to explain his own plan.

“It’s time for a new economic patriotism, rooted in the belief that growing our economy begins with a strong, thriving middle class,” Obama says.

The ad, called “Table,” will air here and in New Hampshire, Florida, Ohio, Iowa, Nevada and Colorado, according to the campaign.

UPDATE:  Curt Cashour, spokesman for Romney’s campaign in Virginia, responded to the ad: “Four years ago, Barack Obama called it ‘unpatriotic’ to run up debts our children will have to pay. Yet in the time it takes his latest ad to run, our national debt grows by at least another $5 million.

“With $16 trillion in debt, 23 million Americans struggling for work, and spending out of control, President Obama’s record is clear: we can’t afford another four years that look like the last four years. Mitt Romney will strengthen the middle class, create 12 million new jobs and deliver what President Obama hasn’t – a real recovery.”