Romney out with slew of new ads in Va.

Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney has released a slew of ads in recent days in Virginia and other battleground states.

In the latest, “$5 Trillion,” the Romney campaign accuses President Barack Obama of attempting to “distort Mitt Romney’s economic plan.” In last week’s debate, Obama repeatedly said Romney wanted to cut taxes by $5 trillion, a claim Romney denies.

Another new ad, “Melanie,” features Melanie McNamara, a small business owner who voted for Obama in 2008, but now plans to vote for Romney.

“Why Mitt Romney?” she says. “Being a woman, you think about your children and you think about their future. And what I want to think about is a future that has jobs. That our economy’s growing again. That’s important to women and it’s important to me.”

Polls in Virginia form months have shown Romney trailing substantially among women.

In “Facts are Clear,” Romney hits Obama on the issue of debt.

“He’s not just wasting money, he’s borrowing it, and then wasting it,” the narrator says of the president.

In a fourth new ad, “Who Will Raise Taxes?” Romney pushes back on Obama’s claim that Romney’s plan would raise taxes on the middle class and levels the same charge at the president.

“Barack Obama and the liberals will raise taxes on the middle class by $4,000,” the narrator says.

“Studies by independent economists of Mitt Romney’s actual tax plan show that to pay for $250,000 tax cuts for multi-millionaires that he would have to close popular deductions that middle class families rely on, including the mortgage interest deduction,” responded Obama campaign spokeswoman Lis Smith. “As a result, the average middle class family with kids would see their taxes go up by $2,000 a year.”