Pro-Allen super PAC gets $1 million boost from Texas billionaire

A super PAC supporting Republican U.S. Senate candidate George Allen has received a $1 million boost heading into the most critical weeks of the election courtesy of Texas homebuilder and conservative heavyweight Bob Perry.

The wealthy Texas donor contributed heavily to George W. Bush’s previous election efforts and was one of the chief donors for Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, the political group that attacked Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry’s military record during the 2004 election.

Perry contributed $1 million to the pro-Allen Independence Virginia PAC between July and August according to a report filed with the Federal Elections Commission.

The money accounts for the lion’s share of the PAC’s $1,087,500 total reported in its third-quarter disclosure.

Allen is battling fellow former governor Timothy M. Kaine. The pro-Kaine New Virginia PAC reported $60,000 in its third quarter disclosure.

Independence Virginia also reported a $10,000 donation from Foster Friess, a businessman and supporter of conservative Christian causes from Wyoming.

Pointing to a series of controversial statements from Friess, Kaine urged Allen to call on the super PAC to return the donation. Campaigns are prohibited by law from coordinating with super PACs.

While Allen has received a boost from the Independence Virginia and other groups like Karl Rove’s Crossroads GPS, Kaine’s campaign has outraised Allen’s for six straight quarters, having brought in about $15 million since early last year compared to Allen’s $12 million.

Kaine is also getting help from outside groups like the League of Conservation Voters and the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee.