American Crossroads out with new ad hitting Obama

Karl Rove-founded super PAC American Crossroads is back with a new $1.5 million TV ad buy in Virginia hammering President Barack Obama on the economy.

The new 30-second spot titled “Sack It” features a woman sitting in her kitchen reacting to an Obama campaign ad.

“Mr. President, here’s what I want to know: where are the jobs you promised? The trillions you spent – where did it all go? What’s there to show for all of that new debt? And if we’re in a recovery, why are we making less?” she asks.

“My family can’t afford another four years like this,” she adds.

The ad is just the latest in Virginia from American Crossroads and its affiliated organization, Crossroads GPS, which have poured millions into the state attacking Obama and Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Timothy M. Kaine.

To date, the two groups have spent $17.4 million in Virginia on the presidential contest and $10.8 million on the Senate race.