New Kaine ad portrays Allen as fiscally reckless

Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Timothy M. Kaine is up with a new ad blasting Republican opponent George Allen on a variety of fronts.

The ad, titled “Risk,” opens with Allen’s own words. “The best indicator of what somebody will do in the future is their record in the past,” he said at the Sept. 20 debate.

“In the Senate, George Allen turned a surplus into a deficit and left office with a million more Americans unemployed,” a narrator says. “Now Allen’s policies would increase the deficit a trillion dollars, cut Medicare, education and, according to the Pentagon, risk thousands of Virginia defense jobs to give tax cuts to the wealthy.”

The charges rely on Allen’s support of a for a “Cut, Cap and Balance” pledge, repealing the president’s health care law and a failed Republican House plan to avert looming defense cuts brought on by last year’s debt deal, which Allen opposed.

The ad closes: “We can’t afford George Allen back in the Senate.”

The Allen campaign shot back, calling the 30-second spot “another deceptive attack ad.”

“Tim Kaine is entitled to his own opinions, but not his own set of facts,” said Allen campaign spokeswoman Emily Davis. “Tim Kaine must think that if he skews enough data, somehow Virginians won’t notice that he has championed the run up of over $5 Trillion to the national debt, tried to raise taxes on those making as little as $17,000 and lost 100,000 jobs as governor.  Tim Kaine has proven that his solution to nearly every problem is to raise taxes, which will only create more job losses.”

The ad will air across the state as part of the Kaine campaign’s $7.5 million fall advertising buy.