Kaine again attacks Allen on women’s issues

In a series of new TV and radio ads, Democratic U.S. senate candidate Timothy M. Kaine is once again looking to build on his advantage among women over Republican rival George Allen.

The five new TV ads, all titled “Virginia,” are nearly identical apart from the women they feature.

“This is Virginia,” each ad begins, featuring one of the five different women. “George Allen would restrict her choices.”

The female narrator claims Allen would “take away her Constitutional rights” by outlawing abortion and “let employers deny Virginia insurance for preventive care and birth control.” The ad also notes that Allen declined to take a position on state legislation requiring an ultrasound prior to an abortion and says “he even opposes equal pay and family leave laws.”

The ad closes: “George Allen’s wrong for Virginia. She can make her own choices.”

Allen campaign spokeswoman Emily Davis responded by calling the ads “a desperate attempt by Tim Kaine to divert attention from his record of putting his partisan job as DNC Chair ahead of the jobs of Virginians.”

Davis added that Allen “believes that every woman has the right to use contraceptives if she chooses — Tim Kaine knows that.”

While the race remains tight, recent polls have shown Allen trailing Kaine among women by double digit margins, but leading among men by varying margins. Likewise, GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney is also well behind among women in the commonwealth, though some surveys show him leading President Barack Obama.