Allen continues to attack Kaine on defense cuts

George Allen continues to bet on looming defense cuts as the issue that will win him his U.S. Senate seat back.

In a new ad titled “Ripple,” Allen redoubles his efforts to fault Kaine for deep cuts to the military set to take effect early next year.

The cuts, called sequestration, were brought about by last year’s bipartisan debt deal agreed to by Congress and the president, and the subsequent failure of its so-called super committee to identify $1.2 trillion in alternate deficit reductions.

“The defense cuts Tim Kaine supported are threatening over 200,000 Virginia jobs,” Allen says in the ad. “His solution is to raise taxes. That’s not the answer. That would cost us even more jobs.”

Kaine, along with a number of Virginia Republicans, did voice support for the debt deal. But he has said he is opposed to the defense cuts that resulted from it, and has proposed avoiding them in part by allowing Bush-era tax cuts on households earning more than $500,000 a year to expire.

“My plan would stop the defense cuts by growing our economy, using our energy resources, and creating jobs,” Allen says.

“Washington needs problem solvers like Tim Kaine who will reach across the aisle to prevent harmful defense cuts and grow the economy, not the same partisans like George Allen whose only ideas are the same ones that got us into this mess,” responded Kaine campaign spokeswoman Brandi Hoffine.

“As senator, Tim Kaine will advocate a bipartisan, balanced plan to avert this threat to our economy and create jobs, while George Allen continues to use our fiscal challenges for political gain.”