Kaine up with two new positive ads heading into homestretch

Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Timothy M. Kaine is setting a positive tone heading into the final days of his race against Republican George Allen.

Kaine is on the airwaves with two new ads, both stressing the need for leaders to work together.

In “Always Will,” set in front of Kaine’s Richmond home, the Democrat touts what he says has been a political career of working across the aisle.

“As a missionary in Honduras I learned how faith can bring people together. That experience helped me guide Richmond as mayor and then Virginia as governor through the worst recession in decades,” he says. “I’ll bring more partnership and less partisanship to Washington to reduce our debt, invest in our schools and small businesses, to grow the middle class, and create jobs.”

“Indivisible,” Kaine’s other new ad, opens with the candidate saying the Pledge of Allegiance with young school children.

“We teach our children patriotism and unity, but Washington sets the wrong example by not working together,” he says. “Until we can say indivisible, and really act that way, we’ll never get our fiscal house in order and invest in our future.”

Allen campaign spokeswoman Emily Davis called the ads “a lecture for Washington: ‘Do what I say and not what I do,’” accusing Kaine of putting politics first by taking the job as Democratic National Committee chairman as governor.

“Tim Kaine’s actual words — he called Republicans ‘corrosive,’ the ‘Tea Bag Party,’ and other derogatory names — aren’t fit for hearing in the presence of small children,” Davis said. “George Allen is the only candidate in this race with a record of working across the aisle to achieve historic reforms for Virginia resulting in over 300,000 net new Virginia jobs.”

Numerous recent polls have shown Kaine with a narrow lead over Allen.