Obama campaign touts ground game

As both presidential campaigns make their final push in Virginia, the Obama campaign says that on Saturday, its volunteers knocked on the doors of 477,536 voters and called another 460,968 voters.

The effort set up 456 get-out-the-vote locations around the state that serve as more localized versions of its field offices, according to President Barack Obama’s re-election campaign.

Throughout this election cycle, the Obama campaign claims its volunteers have registered 138,162 Virginians to vote and that since the beginning of this year, volunteers have made more than 12.1 million personal phone calls or door knocks.

A coordinated effort by Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney’s campaign, the Republican National Committee and the state’s Republican Party, have also touted their ground game efforts in Virginia, claiming in early October to have exceeded four million person-to-person voter contacts in the state.

At that time, they said GOP volunteers had logged about 12,000 total hours.