McDonnell says GOP has a good message for “people of all stripes”

The morning after Mitt Romney lost Virginia to President Barack Obama, Gov. Bob McDonnell said on CBS that he thinks Republicans have a good message “for people of all stripes, men, women, of all races, religions, about entrepreneurship, and small business and opportunity.”

“What we’ve got to do is find ways to appeal even that much better to those folks before the elections start, and tell them why our message is better,” McDonnell said.

“We obviously didn’t do it that well in the battleground states this time and we’re going to find the way to do that much better because we believe in our cause and we think it’s right for America, we just didn’t do a very good job.”

McDonnell, chairman of the Republican Governors Association, noted that Republicans won 8 of 11 Congressional seats.

He said the state saw “historic turnout” with voter turnout in some localities of 75 or 80 percent.

“Democracy is alive and well in Virginia,” he  said.