McDonnell says he’s “not thinking about 2016″

With one presidential election in the rearview mirror and the next never far on the horizon, Gov. Bob McDonnell was asked about the 2016 contest at the end of a CNN interview on Wednesday.

The interview mainly focused on how Republicans fared on Tuesday but at the end, host Erin Burnett asked McDonnell what he thinks about 2016, adding “You’re one of the names that could be running.”

“It’s 24 hours after the polls closed, Erin, so I’m not thinking about 2016,” McDonnell said. “I’m thinking about being governor of Virginia with a legislative session coming up.”

Speculation over McDonnell’s political future isn’t new, and it’s continuing now that he’s just over a year from the end of his gubernatorial term. In Virginia, governors cannot succeed themselves.

Before Mitt Romney tapped Rep. Paul Ryan as his running mate, McDonnell was mentioned as a potential vice presidential pick. Then, speculation shifted to a possible spot for McDonnell in a Romney administration.

Now, it’s 2016.

Asked for comment after the CNN interview, McDonnell spokesman Tucker Martin said “He has one sole focus for the next 14 months: serving as Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia.”