Are you my mother?

Will the real mother of Fairfax Sen. J. Chapman Petersen please stand up?

 There was a bit of confusion Wednesday in the Virginia Senate when Lt. Gov. Bolling asked Mary Petersen to rise and be recognized in the Senate gallery.

 Petersen’s mother rose, as did another woman, apparently also named Mary Petersen.

 Puzzled, Bolling extended a greeting to both standing women, not quite sure what was happening.  

 Petersen was equally confused when from his seat on the Senate floor, the only woman he saw standing up was not the mom he remembered growing up. Apparently, the wrong Mary Petersen had been escorted to the front row seat reserved for the senator’s mother, who ended up seating in the rear of the gallery when the Senate convened.

 After the session, Petersen — who confirmed that he has only one mother, legally and biologically — was  reunited with his mom and fully recovered. 

 “I thought someone was playing a prank on me,” he said.