Va. Dems Launch “Cuccinelli for President”

It may seem a little counter intuitive, but Virginia Democrats think giving Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli a promotion is another way to prevent him from getting the local job for which he’s actually running.

Enter Cuccinelli for President.

The way Democrats want you to see it, the crusading Tea Party conservative has done enough politicking in recent months to make it look like he’s building a run for the White House in 2016, as opposed to a run for the governor’s executive mansion in 2013. Either that or it’s a clever comeback in the social media warfare wage between the D’s and R’s that reminds both sides that no web domain name is safe.

A visit to the website borrows from the Founding Fathers theme Cuccinelli often invokes in his politics, with visuals of a quill pen and parchment and a checklist of list of examples that suggest a broader ambition than running the commonwealth, such as “Make Media appearances in Iowa and New Hampshire,” “write Tea Party manifesto,” and “consultant registers presidential website” — the latter two referring to Cuccinelli’s recently published book, “The Last Line of Defense,” and the registering of the web domain name by a consultant with fundraising ties to the attorney general.

“Between a radical new book, using his office for an ideological agenda and a presidential primary state publicity tour, Ken Cuccinelli clearly views holding statewide office in Virginia as just another box to check on his way to the White House,” says DPVA chair Charniele Herring.

Of course, Cuccinelli’s rival, Democrat Terry McAuliffe, is no stranger to presidential ambition, even if he harbors none himself. The former Democratic National Committee chairman helped elect Bill Clinton and ran Hillary Clinton’s failed presidential bid. And he was no slouch when it comes to helping to reelect President Barack Obama clocking in among the top 50 campaign bundlers of donations for the reelect by raising nearly $600,000.

 OnTuesday afternoon, Republicans responded to the web site slam with the following:

“The Democrats questioning Ken Cuccinelli’s devotion to Virginia is humorous considering Terry McAuliffe has considered running for governor in three different states, and has spent the last week gallivanting around the country with his wealthy friends.”  said Cuccinelli spokeswoman Anna Nix.