In campaign ad, Snyder goes after McAuliffe

Six weeks before Virginia Republicans gather in Richmond to pick their candidate for lieutenant governor, Pete Snyder, one of six GOP candidates for the job, goes after Terry McAuliffe, the only Democrat running for governor this year.

In a new campaign ad unveiled Wednesday, Snyder, a Northern Virginia technology entrepreneur, takes the Beltway insider from McLean to task over sending manufacturing jobs to Mississippi instead of bringing them to Virginia.

Set in rural Danville, the commercial shows Snyder with local City Council member Lee Vogler while walking over an open field – one of three sites in the state identified by the Virginia Economic Development Partnership as a potential location for McAuliffe’s GreenTech Automotive manufacturing plant.

But McAuliffe decided to build the plant in Mississippi, taking more than 1,500 jobs with him. Last year, he said that he wanted to bring the factory to Virginia but had decided against it because VEDP weren’t interested – a claim that PolitiFact Virginia has flagged as false.

“It could have been built right here. Hundreds of manufacturing jobs, right here in Danville,” Snyder says in the ad. “With unemployment stuck at nine and a half percent, those hundreds of new jobs would have meant a lot to this city and to PittsylvaniaCounty.”

And councilman Vogler, equally disappointed, adds that “we’ve got plenty of land and plenty of people ready to work, it would have been perfect right here in Southside.”

In another snipe at McAuliffe, Snyder says that it was “political garbage” like this that made him “get off the sidelines and get into the arena to change things.”