McAuliffe left GreenTech because “I run for governor full time”

Terry McAuliffe, the presumptive Democratic nominee for governor, said in an interview in Richmond on Saturday that he “told everybody who asked” that he had stepped down in December as chairman of GreenTech Automotive, his electric car company.

But it wasn’t until Friday that McAuliffe released a statement saying he had left the post to campaign for governor.

McAuliffe had come under scrutiny for his disputed claim that Virginia was not interested in the car plant he took to Mississippi.

McAuliffe said in the interview that he had decided in November, when it became clear that he was going to run, to give up his business interests.

“Listen, I run for governor full time. If you look at my schedule, I go from morning to night. I can’t run a business and run for governor,” he said.

“I said to everybody a year out, if I’m in, I’m all in, I’m giving up all my business interests, I’m giving up everything,” he said. “I told all my business interests that I am walking away from them.”

However, holding a minimum of $250,000 in GreenTech Automotive stock, McAuliffe remains a major shareholder in the company.