Chopra releases first television ad

It’s simple, but effective. Aneesh Chopra, one of two Democrats running for lieutenant governor, stepping up on an escalator that is going the opposite way, symbolizing the stagnant, upward battle that many middle class families live every day. After 30 seconds, the candidate is out of breath and shows what happens when you give up; the escalator takes you backwards – the direction Republicans would take Virginians, as Chopra suggests.

In his first television ad, which begins airing today, Chopra outlines his priorities for strengthening the middle class that include promises of equal pay for equal work for women, a higher minimum wage and an affordable college education.  

“I’m excited to take my campaign of fairness, equality, and opportunity to Virginia voters with this ad,” said Chopra, who has previously served as Virginia’s Secretary of Technology and U.S. Chief Technology Officer.  
“I know how difficult it can be for families that are struggling to get in — or stay in — the middle class. I stand with them and will work each day to ensure all Virginians have a fair shot at success,” Chopra said,Chopra faces Sen. Ralph S. Northam, D-Norfolk, in the Democratic primary on June 11.