UPDATED: Democrats air TV ad on Medicare, Social Security

The Democratic Party of Virginia is up with a new TV ad hitting GOP gubernatorial nominee Ken Cuccinelli on Social Security and Medicare.

The 30-second TV ad features Henrico County resident Peggy Borgard, who says she started working at 16 years old and worked for six decades.

“Now I’m retired and I do rely on Social Security and Medicare,” she says. “I think Ken Cuccinelli does not care about people like me. In his book, Cuccinelli questions whether Medicare and Social Security should exist and said people are dependent on government.”

In his book, “The Last Line of Defense,” Cuccinelli repeatedly refers to Medicaid as “welfare.” He says government social programs such as Medicare, Social Security, Medicaid and food stamps create dependency.

The state Democratic Party is also running a robocall to “thousands” of Virginia residents on the same subject.

In a statement responding to the new TV ad, Cuccinelli said that as attorney general he’s protected people from Medicaid fraud and elder abuse.

“Contrary my opponent’s deliberate attempts to distort the truth, I have always believed programs like Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security are government services that should be maintained,” he said.

“I believe in a social safety net, but unlike my opponent, I’m going to be straight with Virginians on this issue. I believe those programs need to be reformed so they can be maintained for future generations. ”

Cuccinelli faces Democratic gubernatorial nominee Terry McAuliffe in November.

UPDATED:  Since we posted this item, The Washington Post’s The Fact Checker gave the ad three Pinocchios, PolitiFact Virginia gave it a “Mostly False” and states that “Cuccinelli clearly writes that people are dependent on government — just as the Democratic ad says. But it goes too far to say he ‘questions whether Medicare and Social Security should exist,’ when in fact he writes he is ‘not questioning … the existence of these programs’.”