Four new TV ads air in governor’s race

The TV ad battle churns in the Virginia governor’s race.

Both campaigns released two new TV spots each this week, while the Republican Governors Association made a nearly $1 million media buy for GOP gubernatorial nominee Ken Cuccinelli’s campaign.

The RGA’s $989,500 media buy is the third in a string of significant buys the group made recently, according to the Virginia Public Access Project. It adds to the influx of cash into the governor’s race from outside groups.

One of the ads from Democratic nominee Terry McAuliffe’s campaign centers on the Virginia inspector general’s probe into whether an attorney general’s office employee wrongfully offered advice to lawyers for energy companies involved in a dispute with Southwest Virginia landowners over natural gas rights.

One of the companies, Pennsylvania-based Consol Energy, provided more than $100,000 to Cuccinelli’s campaign over the past two years.

The 30-second TV ad says Cuccinelli’s attacks on McAuliffe “twist the facts” and that “The truth is, it’s Cuccinelli who has an ethics problem.”

Cuccinelli, the state’s attorney general, said in a statement Tuesday that “We’re glad the Inspector General’s Office has been looking into this case because they’re going to find that our office acted appropriately.”

The McAuliffe camp’s other spot features former Del. Katherine Waddell, who refers to herself as an “Independent Republican.”

“I’m looking for a governor who will focus on jobs and the economy,” she says. “That’s why I’m supporting Terry McAuliffe.”

The Cuccinelli campaign released a new TV ad this week focused on the Securities and Exchange Commission’s investigation of the Mississippi electric car company that McAuliffe founded over its conduct in seeking foreign investors.

“Shady deals; federal investigations. You can’t trust Terry McAuliffe,” the ad says.

The second ad the campaign released this week features Cuccinelli saying “special interests shouldn’t get special treatment” and that as governor, he’d fight “to make sure everybody has a fair shot.”

“In America, we say everybody has an equal opportunity,” he said. “But for many Virginians, it’s just not true.”
“As governor, I’ll work to make it right.”