McDonnell’s plates hit the road

There could soon be a bumper crop of Gov. Bob McDonnell backers showing their support on the road.

License plates are now available for McDonnell gubernatorial and campaign staffers as well as supporters who want to plunk down the $10 fee for the political plate.

Past administrations have used the first letter of the governor’s first or last name, “K” plates for former Gov. Timothy M. Kaine, for example, and “G” for former Gov. George Allen. But enough vanity plates featuring the letter “M” or “B” with digits have been taken, that the administration went a different route this year with the stacked “MC.”

The plates combining letters and numbers began with former Gov. Mills E. Godwin Jr’s term. Low-numbered plates, which governors also dispense, are increasingly hard to get with so many drivers, so governors began giving two- and three-digit tags featuring a single-letter prefix or suffix.

Mills E. Godwin Jr. launched the “A” series; Dalton, plates bearing a “B.”

The state’s current governor receives the single-digit “1” plate, while his immediate predecessor, Kaine, has the “2” plate, and so on.