Family Foundation gala features Cruz speech, Cuccinelli book, differences on shutdown

This weekend’s Family Foundation of Virginia annual fundraising gala featuring U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, is not a fundraiser or campaign event for Republican gubernatorial candidate Ken Cuccinelli, both Cuccinelli and Family Foundation officials have insisted.
But that doesn’t mean the attorney general, who will also be at the dinner with Cruz, isn’t beneftting, at least indirectly, from the event.
Sponsors of tables at the gala will receive a copy of Cuccinelli’s book, “The Last Line of Defense.” Turns out the non-profit political arm of The Family Foundation — The Family Foundation Action — purchased 175 copies of the books and donated them to The Family Foundation, which is giving the books away as a sponsor benefit.  
Family Foundation official Chris Freund said that in recent years, books written by keynote speakers have been given as a sponsor benefit. This year, since Cruz does not have a book, the group thought providing a copy of Cuccinelli’s book was “a reasonable alternative.”
Cuccinelli’s allegiance with Cruz, who led the Tea Party charge in the Senate to link defunding Ombaacare to the government shutdown, has created some difficulty for the attorney general, who has called for an end to the federal shutdown, but has also supported repealing the new health care law.
Yesterday he went a little further than he had in recent days to distance himself from Cruz, and suggest that the fight to end Obamacare may have to wait until after the government is back up and running.
Following another roundtable discussion on healthcare, Cuccinelli told reporters that “a shutdown is not a tool that should be used” to neogtiate other aspects of government.
“I certainly would like to see the healthcare law scaled back or repealed, but I certainly think we need to keep functioning as a government,” he said.
“I get the idea of fighting it everyday,” he said when asked about the health law. But he noted later: “Strangling government to do this is not an appropriate course to go…holding one part of govenrment hostage to another part, I dont think is a proper way to go.”
As for Cruz, Cuccinelli said: “I don’t agree with him 100 percent of the time and I’m sure he doesn’t agree with me 100 percent of the time, but we’re glad to have him coming into Virginia. We appreciate his constitutional conservative approach.
“Would I handle the federal  budget shutdown the same way as a senator from Virginia? Probably not.”