Obenshain targets Herring in new television ad

In a new television ad unveiled today, state Sen. Mark D. Obenshain of Harrisonburg, the Republican candidate for attorney general, targets the legislative record of his Democratic rival, state Sen. Mark R. Herring of Loudoun. The 30-second spot criticizes Herring’s lack of “legislation to combat gangs or human trafficking, despite high-profile reports of those criminal activities taking place in his own Senate District,” according to a statement released by Obenshain’s campaign today.

By contrast, the ad highlights Obenshain’s own efforts to make Virginia communities safer and mentions his support from 116 sheriffs and Commonwealth’s Attorneys, including several Democrats and Independents.

“When it comes to keeping our communities safe, Mark Obenshain has been a leader in the State Senate, working with public safety officials to make sure they have the tools they need to do their job. His opponent has taken a back seat on human trafficking and gang violence and voted against tougher sentences for sex offenders just this year,” said Campaign Manager Chris Leavitt.

Herring spokesman Kevin O’Holleran said that Obenshain “will say and do anything to get elected and that is why he is running a false and negative campaign.” Herring voted for the bill Obenshain talks about in his ad, which puts sex offenders behind bars for life, O’Holleran said.