Sarvis’ wife expresses concern about debate

Dr. Astrid Sarvis, the wife of Libertarian gubernatorial nominee Robert C. Sarvis, released a video Friday expressing disappointment about her husband being left out of the last scheduled debate, Oct. 24 at Virginia Tech.

She asks the debate organizers to reconsider the decision, and asks supporters of Democratic nominee Terry McAuliffe and Republican nominee Ken Cuccinelli to “hold your candidate to a higher standard and also demand that my husband be in the debate so that your candidate can prove that he is the right and the best man for the job by debating everyone on the ballot.”

Kelly Zuber, news director of WDBJ7, which is co-hosting the debate with Virginia Tech, said in a statement earlier this month that both major-party campaigns agreed to language that the third-party nominee would be invited to participate if he was polling at 10 percent or greater in “major statewide independent polls” released in the three weeks before Oct. 10.

The eligibility decision was to rely heavily on the averages of major polls on, and as of Oct. 10 they said Sarvis was polling at 9 percent based on the averages.

At times in the 15-minute video seeming to tear up, Sarvis, a pediatric resident and mother of two young children, explained why the issue was so important to her.

“This hits very close to home for me, because like me, this campaign does not a have a lot of money, we don’t have a lot of glamour, we don’t have a lot of power, we don’t have an entourage,” she says directly to what she says is an Ipad filming in her house.

“All we have is a drive and a desire to do what we believe is best for the people of Virginia.”