RNC focuses outreach, runs TV ad in Korean

Republicans are seeking to strengthen long-term outreach to the Asian-American and Pacific Islander community in Virginia.

The Republican National Committee and state GOP announced Monday the formation of the Republican Asian American and Pacific Islander Advisory Council for Virginia. It comes as the RNC is running a TV and radio ad in Korean in Northern Virginia and Hampton Roads.

The pro-Ken Cuccinelli spot, airing on three Korean cable TV stations, follows other targeted print ads.

A significant Asian population resides in Fairfax County, the state’s largest locality. About 5.4 percent of Virginia’s population is Asian, compared to about 17.5 percent of the population of Fairfax County, according to U.S. Census Bureau estimates.

An estimated 71,247 Koreans live in the state, of whom, 40,310 are in Fairfax.

Democrats say the Democratic Asian Americans of Virginia was established in 2005 and that the campaign of their party’s nominee, Terry McAuliffe, has also bought print, radio and TV advertising.

Both parties have had a presence at numerous events. McAuliffe’s campaign has hosted 11 roundtables with AAPI businesses and community leaders, attended 20 festivals and events and coordinated more than a dozen phone banks specially targeting AAPI voters, according to  Democrats.

The RNC says the council has helped engagement efforts ahead of Nov. 5 and will continue to advise and assist the GOP with “building long-term relationships within AAPI communities” around the state.

“This is one of many steps toward making that vision a reality and putting Republicans in a stronger position to win in competitive states like Virginia,” RNC Chairman Reince Priebus said in a statement.